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When I first met Alice Brown, we were dressed up for a school disco at our University freshers week. After a couple of conversations, it became apparent that we were pretty similar, two odd balls with big dreams! A friendship which has spanned seven years, two hemispheres and three cities, we have supported one another no matter how crazy the idea might be.


Alice Brown | Illustrator | Glasgow



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From our little cafe on Cathcart Road, Alice works from her mini studio set up or you can often find her out the front having a blether with the customers.  Whether it be commissioned work, like album artwork, festival posters or original works of art, I have always been obsessed with her unique style. Being the best friend that she is, as soon as I mentioned I wanted to develop my own brand she asked for a mood board and some inspiration. I sent a photograph of my Great Granny from 1943 and a few days later we had our logo.


When the canary journey began last year I was travelling back to Edinburgh to work with Alice on developing our coffee artworks and names. Without her, there literally wouldn’t be a Canary Girl Coffee Co. Our days of school discos may be well and truly behind us, but our support and love for one another is stronger than ever and it means the world to me that now I get to work with my best friend.