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Anyone with an interest in science in the 1800s would have known of Mary Somerville. The self-taught polymath and science writer from Jedburgh, Scotland, had produced works which were standard suggested textbooks in school and universities across the country. In the third edition of “On the Connection of the Physical Sciences” she observed discrepancies in Uranus’ position in the sky. It simply wasn’t where it was supposed to be.


She hypothesised in 1836 that “possibly [Uranus] may be subject to disturbances from some unseen planet revolving about the sun, beyond the present boundaries of our system” Ten years later Neptune was discovered using calculations which led to its discovery which were based on Somerville’s hypothesis. Unfortunately, history credits the planet's discovery to four men, with no mention of Mary's contribution to their research. Enter Summer on Neptune, which honours her contribution to the discovery, we like to think she spent warm evenings in July watching the night sky and dreaming of summer on her “Unseen planet revolving about the sun”.

Summer on Neptune 250g
10 Hour Shift 250g


Women like Georgina Gardiner Gray, Robbie’s great grandmother and the woman who inspired this business, worked day and night producing munitions during World War 2. They shattered the glass ceiling at a time when a woman’s place was assumed to belong in the home, by taking to industrial, blue collar work like a duck to water. The hours were long, the work was dirty and repetitive, and one mistake could result in an explosion. Not only could this kill factory workers, it could potentially cripple Britain’s war effort. Now that’s pressure.


In Glasgow women worked with a powder which died her skin yellow just like munitions workers of WW1. This saw the comeback of the famous WW1 nickname for munitionettes – Canary Girls. The Canary Girls not only fuelled the war effort and kept the country running, they proved that women were capable of doing a man’s job and in many ways their contribution paved the way for the equality movement. Not only did they work 10-hour shifts throughout the war, they shifted society's view of women from domestic housewives to captains of industry.


Hedy Lamarr is well known for being one of the true beauties of the golden era of Hollywood. She should be better known as the mother of modern communication. She invented Frequency Hopping in a bid to stop German U-Boats from jamming allied torpedoes ⛴ Being a woman and a beautiful actress the U.S Navy didn't take her seriously.  Her invention is the basis of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Cellular Comms and secure communication. She only received recognition towards the end of her life, so we dedicated our latest coffee to her honour - Radio Made the Video Star.

Radio Made The Video Star 250G



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