'IT'S BRITNEY BITCH!' - Britney Spears


Taste Notes: Orange, lemon citrus medley. A complex flavour with notes of fermented grape, caramelised treacle and olive.


Why Britney? 


From her time on television to the release of her first album Oops, I did it again when I was 5 years old, Britney fever consumed my generation, practically since birth.


The Princess of Pop truly lives up to her name, her first two albums made her the best selling teenage artist of all time. As a child of the era I matured from child to teenager as she transitioned from teen pop princess to iconic sex symbol, giving the world a style which defined the 00s.


In 2007, after years of strain and pressure which comes with the territory of being an international celebrity, Britney had a very public mental breakdown. At the time the press had almost unrestricted access to celebrities like Britney, following their every move, giving them no space to take a breath without a camera in their face.


Looking back by todays standards its disgusting that such practices were even permitted, on a social and moral level, never mind a legal one. Watching footage from the lead up to 2007, its clear how she got to breaking point. However, hindsight is a gift of clarity and unfortunately when it was happening, mental health wasn’t seen as a serious issue and the press focused on her supposed inability to be a trusted adult. This is absolute rubbish, in actuality what we had was a young woman, crippled by pressure and press attention, suffering from bipolar disorder, edging on a psychotic meltdown. Even the act of shaving her head, which was spun as an indicator of her “craziness” can be viewed by todays knowledge of mental health as a way she felt she could take control of at least a small part of herself.


What followed however was far from taking control. Placed under a conservatorship, which for over a decade restricted Britney from being. She couldn’t drive her friends to the movies. She couldn’t be in command of her own money, she wasn’t even allowed to be in control of her body, the restrictions of the conservatorship extending to her right to have children.


As time went on it became clear with her continued work, the albums, the tours, judging on American Idol and her residency in Las Vegas that her father’s justifications for the need for her conservatorship