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Why Cher?

Comeback Queen or real life Eternal? Its hard to imagine a world without this icon. Since the 1960s the music industry and Cher have been in sweet synchronicity. In every decade since she has rolled out hit after hit, became a cornerstone in LGBT culture, won Oscars for her acting talents all whilst raising her children.


Starting her career as half of the folk music due Sonny and Cher, with future husband Sonny Bono, she went on to conquer television, taking command of another media source, in the early days it was clear we had an all round icon in the making. Talented, funny and charismatic, not to mention her dazzling beauty. Cher’s relationship with Sonny was complicated, often feeling like Sonny seen her more as a golden goose than a wife. Throughout their turbulent marriage and post divorce relationship the two would jibe each other in interviews, but did love one another.


It could be argued that as time rolled on, Cher came back each new decade, diversifying with the times from her humble roots in folk music to Goddess of Pop by the 1990s. this ability to move with the times, not only in style but attitude is probably why she deserves to be the ultimate culture icon. Queer culture and Cher practically cannot exist without one another. Her sensational performance on Twitter in contemporary times alone tells us all that age does not diminish fierceness.


Before feminism was mainstream Cher knew her power, famously responding to her mother who told her to marry a rich man saying “Mom, I am a rich man”. Her gender has never held her back, even when legally she was screwed over by her contracts with Sonny. During their time together Cher had been happy to let him deal with the legalities, meaning when they divorced she walked away practically penniless and owing her ex husband millions.


Clearly financial ruin couldn’t stop the Goddess of Pop, the decades of success which have followed and her ability to attract new fans as well as retaining her old ones a symbol of her diversity. My entire childhood was spent driving with my gran, with the Believe album on full blast, Children of the 40s and the 90s united in song.


Comebacks are normally a once in a career moment but for Cher, its retaining relevancy throughout the generations. They say that in the end there shall be cockroaches and Cher, and I hope to the gods that is correct.

CHER - 500G The Comeback VOL.02