'OH MAKE ME OVER' - Courtney Love 


Taste Notes: Roasted caramel, toffee apples and sweet and sour. A rich volcanic experience with peaty overtones!


Why Courtney?

If there is one thing we love more than authenticity, its unapologetic realness. Enter Courtney Love. Its impossible to think of alternative rock without Courtney. Throughout her career she has rocked the boat, burned the boat… blew the boat to hell!


She began her stage bound career as a stripper at age 16, she travelled the world and lived in Liverpool for a stint before returning to the USA. Love started her own band, Hole in 1989. Hole’s debut album Pretty on the Inside (1991) sent shockwaves throughout the underground music scene, soon the band would be mingling with the greatest of the punk, alt rock and grunge scene.


In February 1992 Love married Legendary Kurt Cobain, Unfortunately the chaos of the rock and roll lifestyle had its affect. Drug use between the two accelerated and ended with Kurt’s tragic suicide. As if Courtney hadn’t suffered enough heartbreak at this time, Band guitarist Kristen Pfaff overdosed just two months later.


Alas, these tragic events would not spell the end for this absolute queen. She wasn’t the type to lay back and crumble, Courtney picked herself up, found a new guitarist for Hole and the band returned to the international stage in 1995. Love through this gained accolade as a success, with Doll Parts doing amazingly on both the pop and rock charts.


Celebrity Skin, Hole’s third album was released in 1998, the title track racing to the top of the Billboard album chart. By 2002, Hole split up, her other band Bastard disbanded and Courtney decided it was time to go it alone.


After Six months in a court ordered closed rehab facility followed, during which she wrote Nobody’s Daughter. The album was released by a new embodiment of Hole in 2010.


In 2020 Courtney Love took home the Icon Award from the NME’s in London where she announced she had been sober for over a year. A well deserved win for a woman who certainly has been no angel, even better, she has been real. She isn’t perfect, as none of us are and as well as her success as a pop culture icon, her life can be viewed as a beacon of hope to many who have suffered at the hands of substance abuse.


We might have named this coffee Oh Make Me Over, but Courtney, we think your awesome just the way you are.

COURTNEY - 250G The Comeback VOL.06