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Why Eartha?

Resilient, tenacious and outspoken. Eartha Kitt to many young people might not even know her beyond being the silky voice they hear every December singing Santa Baby on radio. Little do they know that this woman should be known for her incredible life.


She began life in tragedy. Her black mother raped by the white son of a plantation owner, whose identity was never known to her due to South Carolina authorities protecting his identity, she struggled at the hands of racism and discrimination. Too black for white people, resented for her lighter complexion from her mother. She was tossed from abusive home to abusive home her whole childhood, begging for scraps at the table and even forced to earn her keep by picking cotton before the age of 7.


When her mother died she was sent to Harlem, New York, to live with her aunt, who Eartha came to believe was actually her biological birth mother. She learned piano and took dance lessons but her aunts treatment of her was far from perfect. She would be beaten, run away from home, return. A cycle that continued into her teenage years before she left her aunts home for good, becoming homeless. Young Eartha would sleep in subway stations or on apartment rooftops. She finally got her foot in the door of a career when she became apart of the Katherine Dunham Dance Company.


On stage her energy translated into her being described as the most exciting woman on earth, her career was on the upward spiral, especially after her portrayal of Cat Woman in the campy classic 60s Bat Man. At least until the 1968 Woman Doers Luncheon at the White House, Kitt famously spoke out against the Vietnam war. This lead to the White house and CIA defaming her character, blacklisting her, with the CIA describing her publicly as a sadistic nymphomaniac. Her work dried up and she left the USA for Europe to find work.


Eartha did not return to work in the USA until 1978, ten years after her outburst of realness at the White House. She hit the stage and music scenes hard, bringing out a number of hits in the decade that followed, most well known ‘Where is my man?’


Kitt’s comeback led her to a fabulous resurgence of her stage, music and acting career, including voicing the iconic villain Yzma from The Emperors New Groove  



EARTHA - 250G The Comeback VOL.05