Summer on Neptune 250g
  • Summer on Neptune 250g



    In Santa Rosa, 62 small farm owners banded together to create Nueva Era. This co-operative operating within Fedecocagua is an awesome business model. Here it is the families and employees of the farm owners who benefit, keeping their incomes. Farmers within the co-operative also receive a fairer price for their coffee. This coffee is a real treat, well balanced, mellow with creamy chocolate and an orange – raspberry finish. so relaxing it will transport you to calm Summers on Neptune.


    Anyone with an interested in science in the 1800s would have known of Mary Somerville. The self-taught polymath and science writer from Jedburgh, Scotland, had produced works which were standard suggested textbooks in school and universities across the country. In the third edition of “On the Connection of the Physical Sciences” she observed discrepancies in Uranus’ position in the sky. It simply wasn’t where it was supposed to be. She hypothesised in 1836 that “possibly [Uranus] may be subject to disturbances from some unseen planet revolving about the sun, beyond the present boundaries of our system” Ten years later Neptune was discovered using the calculations which led to its discovery based on Somerville’s hypothesis. Unfortunately, history credits the discovery of the planet to four men, with no mention of Mary's contribution to their research. Enter Summer on Neptune, which honours her contribution to the discovery, we like to think she spent warm evenings in July watching the night sky and dreaming of summer on her “Unseen planet revolving about the sun”.