A4 Digital Print | Radio Made the Video Star

A4 Digital Print | Radio Made the Video Star

A4 digital print packaged in biodegradable plastic with a hard back to keep it safe. 


Hedy Lamarr is well known for being one of the true beauties of the golden era of Hollywood. She should be better known as the mother of modern communication. She invented Frequency Hopping in a bid to stop German U-Boats from jamming allied torpedoes  Being a woman and a beautiful actress the U.S Navy didn't take her seriously.  Her invention is the basis of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Cellular Comms and secure communication. She only received recognition towards the end of her life, so we dedicated our latest coffee to her honour - Radio Made the Video Star.


Alice Brown  |  www.alicesillustrations.com @alicesillustrations


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