'THE BITCH IS BACK!' - Tina Turner 


Taste Notes: Bold, Pepper and Sea Salt with Herby overtones and subtle roasted peanut popping through


Why Tina? 

After beginning her musical career in Ike (yuck) Turners band as a backing singer, then leading front woman, she gave audiences something they had never seen before. Blues, soul and R&B at the time were unbelievably male dominated, her solution? “Claiming Maleness”. Tina did not settle for being a woman in a mans band, with her raunchy voice, electric dance moves and an attitude to match, she quickly became the star attraction on the stage.


Ike was an abusive husband and after 16 years of marriage, Tina escaped him. She got her name in the divorce, Ike got all of their possessions and royalties, meaning that financially she was bankrupt, making it harder to rebuild her career from the ground up. But Tina believed that as long as her fans knew who she was, she would make it. This trust in her fans was unbelievably well placed because she was right!


Her 1984 album Private Dancer created what would become the most amazing comebacks in American musical history. It was the 80s and people wanted pop and glam rock. Veering away from her Soul / R&B roots, Tina not only succeeded in this transition of genres, she thrived. Private Dancer went on to be (and still is) one of the most impressive albums ever created for a female vocalist, but it was Tina’s reclaiming of her identity and establishment of herself as a legendary musical talent which is most impressive.


With Tina Turner we have a woman who literally sang for her life and became an icon on her own terms and crafted a legacy which will last for eternity. Yes, The Bitch is Back!

TINA - 250G The Comeback VOL.01