Radio Made The Video Star 500g
  • Radio Made The Video Star 500g

    The illustrious career of Hedy Lamarr cannot be understated. From early success in risqué European movies to a wild escape from a terrible husband with ties to the Nazis, Hedy had already achieved a lot before she got to London. After Meeting Louis B Mayer of MGM studios she went to Hollywood where she became one of the true beauties of the Golden era of the silver screen. Not just a beauty, Lamarr was an inventor who developed “Frequency Hopping” which was aiming to stop radio controlled torpedoes from being jammed and blocked by spreading codes across many frequencies, meaning a full code could not be hacked. All modern communications from GPS and Wi-Fi to Bluetooth and secure encrypted comms, Lamarr is mother of it all, unfortunately at the time, being a woman and an actress, the US Navi didn’t take her seriously. They later broke the copyright of her patent and developed their own technologies which came in handy during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Lamarr did not receive a single penny for her invention and was only recognised for her contribution shortly before her death. She was post-humously inducted into the inventors hall of fame in 2014. Hedy Lamarr deserves to be remembered every time someone uses a phone, Wi-Fi or secure communication, after all without her we might not have any of these modern amenities. We hope you enjoy “Radio Made The Video Star”, our blend in honour of Hedy Lamarr and her world changing invention.